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A broad viewscreen takes up most of one wall; the communications officer sits up alertly from her station to one side, and in the back, the jump pilot relaxes beneath the heavily wired helmet, trancelike, at one with the ship. Front and center, an empty chair.

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Nav and Comm (here; HMD/Links)

Briefing Room (Permissions post)

Armory (Game status; item list)

Corridors (About Beta Colony)

Medbay (Anatomy/Orientation)

Brig (Note on Terminology)

Tactical Room ([community profile] thisavrou app)

Rec Room ([community profile] thisavrou IC inbox)

Shuttle Bay (Activity tracking)

Engineering (Plot-with-me post)

Cargo Holds (Visuals/soundtrack; under construction)

Captain's Cabin (PSLs)

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Rec Room

Nov. 20th, 2015 10:02 pm
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The wardroom, or rec room, is a place to connect.

[community profile] thisavrou IC Inbox

[A sharp, ambiguous face appears on the directory screen; the voice is a curt, ironic alto.]

You've reached Bel Thorne. Leave me a vidcall or message here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

[note: Bel is in cryo from May 9 to May 23, and messages received during that span will be answered after it.]

Please state the nature of the communication (video, audio, text, etc) in the subject line. Non-electronic communications can be directed to Bel's quarters (Nomo Deck, room #005), or left in Bel's shipboard mailbox. If responding to a Spacebook post, please indicate which one.
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From here, a splittable holovid screen can monitor telemetry from ships and personal battle armor, allowing pinpoint control of widespread elements of battle from any of the tactical stations. A communications officer provides more vital links with the rest of the crew.

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