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Rec Room

The wardroom, or rec room, is a place to connect.

[community profile] thisavrou IC Inbox

[A sharp, ambiguous face appears on the directory screen; the voice is a curt, ironic alto.]

You've reached Bel Thorne. Leave me a vidcall or message here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

[note: Bel is in cryo from May 9 to May 23, and messages received during that span will be answered after it.]

Please state the nature of the communication (video, audio, text, etc) in the subject line. Non-electronic communications can be directed to Bel's quarters (Nomo Deck, room #005), or left in Bel's shipboard mailbox. If responding to a Spacebook post, please indicate which one.
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Just touching base. You alright?
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1/2, stupid o'clock

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[It's not much - a slight disturbance on a spider's web, a faint twinge of pain - but Wanda's a light sleeper and it's enough. For a few moments, she's disoriented, unsure what woke her or what's wrong.

It only takes a few minutes to work it out, and she's not sure if she should be worried yet. This has never happened before with someone who wasn't Pietro.]

Are you all right?
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I have a question concerning Rinzler. He asked about the consequences of his actions. I was wondering if you knew anything about that.
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[On the evening of the arrival of this month’s latest newcomers, Bel will get a video message on their MID from an unfamiliar woman. At least, her face and voice are unfamiliar. The MID itself says the call is from Zam Wesell. Which is exactly the problem really.]

Bel? I need you to call me back as soon as you get this message. I don’t want to worry you or anything, but… [She sighs, running a hand through her hair. Her unfamiliar face is made even more unrecognizable by her tense expression; neither the easy confidence Zam has in their day-to-day interactions or the occasional gloomy contemplation infrequently recorded on the network. She actually looks afraid -- not an emotion the bounty hunter has had much use for since dying.] A lot of things are happening at once. And I might need an extra pair of eyes and ears.

This is Zam, by the way. You’ve probably already figured that out. I can explain more later, but just… Please respond, okay?
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text; waves hands vaguely about time

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Crewman Thorne,

I was wondering if you might consider contributing to a course. Strictly on a volunteer basis.