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Re: video; private

[Zam picks up the second she gets the call back.] Took you long enough, [she murmurs, though she sounds more relieved than irritated.]

There’s... a group of people who arrived through the Ingress. [She’s hesitant, even when she knows she doesn’t have the time to be. She’s kept the circumstances of her death obscure since she arrived here, the better to avoid being reminded of it, but now it’s looking like she doesn’t have much choice in the matter anymore. Not with those faces now among the crew. She takes a breath and, after one more brief moment of reluctance, lets the words spill out.]

I think the man who killed me is here. Along with the two who were interrogating me when it happened. It’s… a long story. [No, it’s not. But it’s a painful one that she’d rather not tell.] The man who killed me is a bounty hunter named Jango Fett. Wears silver and blue armor. I’ve been trying to scrub my name from the network for the past few hours and it’s not working, and there’s no way he doesn’t have his MID by now, which means he knows I’m here. [Her voice is sharp edged with fear and frustration; after months of being stuck on this ship, it feels like the walls are finally starting to close in -- there’s nowhere else to go.]

He hasn’t seen this face before but he knows I’m a changeling. If he knows I’m here, he’ll be looking for me. I need you to keep an eye out for him and if you do see him, tell me when and where.

And don’t try to approach him. [Except the way Zam says it, it sounds more like “Don’t try and start a fight.”]

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