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Shuttle Bay

Drop shuttles line the bay, bristling with weapons and shielding; wide hatch doors wait beneath each one, ready to open for a screaming drop into a planetary atmosphere.

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Older!Bel runs into teeny!Zam

Dancing with Wanda at the neverending party

—current month—

JUNE 2016

1st: Log: shopping with Miles. ○ Log: late breakfast with Odd. ○ Log: beach with Ivan. ○ Log: spa with Wanda. ○ Log: Frisk at the Ingress. ○ Log: Zam in the sun. ○ Log: Elizabeth in the library. ○ Log: beach with Milly. ○ ..

12th. Log: Wanda wakes up. ○

—previous months—


26th: Test-drive meme: Miles
30th: CR Meme


1st: Arrival. Finds Miles; explores; makes new friends; is brought by Gregor into the Inner Circle.
Intro LogMiles!!WashGregor and MilesVid chat with Tyler

2nd: First day on the job. Talks tasksets with Wanda, discovers supernatural beings and sentient rocks, takes some process concerns to Miles's office.
Meeting WandaMeeting LokiTexting PeridotEncountering ClarkMeeting with Miles

3rd: Cold snap. Patrols; makes hazard/survival suggestions; learns Miles was dead for a week; organizes bunk-sharing; ????
Running into ElizabethHiro in EngineeringVideo: survival plansZamIvanShepWandaBruce.

7th: Miles is missing.

8th: Miles is still missing.
Bel and Wash check the pool..

9th: Miles is missing. Continues to search the ship.
Miles is found.

10th: Miles and Loki are back from the morgue.
Txt to IvanTxt to GregorTxt with LokiConsults Thán about reprovisioning

13th: Cold snap continues.
Wanda building a snowman [continued here]

17th: Metabee's new job..
18th: Ship starts to warm up slightly.
20th: Ploiatos attacks. Life-support begins to malfunction.
Joins Yewll to find ManassehShipwide vid warningEvent post activityJoins Loki to find WandaBriefs RatchetLoki's birthday!

21st: Arbiter!Gregor..
24th: ...
25th: ...
26th: ...
27th: To Miles, re quartermastering..
28th: ...
29th: MID: plans with MilesLog: IVAAAAAAAAN.
30th: Log: Miles and maple meadMID: Hangover cured by Gregor.
31st: ...


1st: Influx of new crew through the Ingress; announcement of mandatory dating.
Intro log: .Meeting J.MID: Miles, dating plansMID: discussing the new game with ZamLog: Tron vs Rinzler

2nd: Early morning: Bel brought to infirmary.
MID: Zam to observation deckMID: raincheck for MilesMID: call from WandaMID: txt to GregLog: vidcall to RinzlerNetwork: txt to Tron.Network: Zam on death and time.

3rd: .

4th: ...Network: Miles's legs and memory

13th: .Log: date with Miles in HarashanMID: txt to Greg afterwards

EARLY FEBRUARY: Niko discovers the body of Frederick Link in the cargo hold. The crew, framed for the death, are subjected to arrest if caught on Emiri's surface. Benjamin Link takes volunteers down to the planet to unlock the ship from orbit. From Harashan, Benjamin disables security systems in St. Murtel which were holding a horde of kidnapped children prisoner. Some Moirans guide them to safety in Avelle. Crewpeople still on the planet flee in whatever ships are available as Emiri attacks the Moira. Fifty or so refugees join the crew for the first half of the month until they can be dropped off on another planet.
1st: ○ Intro log. ○ Log: Cordelia.

4th: Log: finds Sam sleeping in unlikely places.
5th: Log: heart-to-heart with Miles.

14th: Log: spar with Rinzler.
That night: Pepper throws a Valentine's party.

16th: Now that the refugees have been dropped off, the ship needs cleaning up. Manasseh offers spacewalk training over the rest of the month. On the evening of the 16th, the captains politely serve up mind-altering treats as a peace offering to the crew.
Log: spacewalk with Elizabeth

20th: Log: finds Wanda sleeping in unlikely places.

23: The crew participates in the ritual lantern-lighting of the Libera Prime pilgrim fleet.Event log.


1st. Intro log:
MID: Zam needs an ally.

3rd. Log: complaining about the whale museum to Miles.

9th. Log: making protest signs with Eggsy. ○ MID: puns with Clark

11th. Log: meeting Alan Bradley.
12th. Network: Kaworu's the new music teacherNetwork: Sideswipe is bored.
13th. Network: the Winter Soldier surveys the crew. ○ Network: Nick Gant asks about jobs.
14th. Network: Loki ponders a museum raid.

Mid-March: event log.

17th. Network: SHOES. ○ Network: Bruce's planetary-shield plan. ○ Log: Loki raids the museum.

19th. A teacup and saucer, along with Nicol's dulcimer, arrive in the Cargo Bay.
Log: Rosethorn and BEES.

25th-31st: scraplet event.


1st: Intro log. ○ Network: Zam in sickbay. ○ Log: Mark. ○ Log: Alys Vorpatril. ○ Log: prison-wing salvage with Clark. ○ Questions with D.E.L.Log: salvage-sorting with Wanda. ○ Network: Greg says murder is wrong.
2nd: Network: Doc Yewll and information consent.

4th. Log: searching "neglected" areas with Papyrus. ○ Network: political sociology with Ryuuzaki.
5th. Network: applies for flight training with Rinzler.
6th. MID: Greg blocks the way.

9th. Log: Miles is allowed visitors.

14th. Rinzler's trial; Alice Quinn's trial; Peter Maximoff's trial. ○ Log: decontamination with Sam Flynn.
15th. Log: mid-month event.
16th. Network: now that's a lot of missing fast-penta. ○ Network: now that's a lot of veils. ○ Network: mail-day question from Rey.

18th. Logs: tea with Liquid Snake and Rosethorn.
19th. Network: Toriel re the buttercup pie.

23rd. Log: tea with Frisk.
24th. Log: zombie-fighting with Albus and Zam.
25th. Log: zombies are terrifying and Wanda is awesome.

MAY 2016

1st:Log: location mashup with Zam. ○ Network: Meh's masks. ○ Network: innuendo with Liquid Snake.
2nd: Network: Rodimus suggests grenade tag.

4th: Log: Elizabeth and the fast-penta.
5th: Log: Bel and Miles visit Barrayar.
6th: Network: Elle Days has a concern about the planetary Ingress.
7th: Log: Loki is moody. ○ Network: Shepard and more fast-penta. ○ MID: Alice Quinn suggests a training course.

9th: Bel is in cryo from May 9 to May 23.

24th. Log: retrieving Gregor from the Ingress.