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Rows of examining tables faced by neatly labeled drawers packed with medication and equipment. In the next room, a portable cryochamber gleams on its float pallet, charged and ready to receive an occupant.

Orientation and Anatomy

Bel is genderfluid, identifying as simultaneously masculine and feminine. (See here for a note on canon terminology.) While defaulting to an androgynous-to-masculine presentation in the workplace (a defense mechanism in a bigoted galaxy), Bel may casually present anywhere along the binary scale, though preferring to include some measure of ambiguity so as not to be taken for either side alone.

Bel is pansexual and easily forms crushes on exceptional people with intense, dynamic, caring personalities. Tiny-but-fierce people especially catch Bel's interest, but height isn't a deal-breaker, and while aliens, robots, AIs, etc may take some time to get used to (the Vorkosiverse doesn't have any), familiarity could easily break down that barrier. Headcanon, based on the small number of actual romantic attachments in canon, is that Bel is demiromantic, admiring widely, forming deep attachments with few, and equally comfortable with serial or concurrent relationships as long as everyone involved is happy.

Bel is also from a culture where sexual activity is normalized as beginning at puberty, anyone is free to sleep with anyone else given mutual informed adult consent, and relationships are only formalized in terms of co-parenting licenses. Conversation about sex, sexuality, and reproduction, in breadth and detail which would shock other cultures, are commonplace on Beta Colony, and going topless or nude in public is unexceptional. While Bel has lived among non-Betan galactics for long enough to refrain from such commonplace Betan practices as public nudity, sexual conversation, and casual propositions unless that kind of rapport had been established, anyone who throws stereotypes or bigotry around is likely to be trolled until the objectionable behavior stops.

A member of a genetically-engineered human minority population, Bel has full working sets of reproductive organs from either end of the anatomical binary. Knowing how weird galactics get about nudity, genitals, and unusual genital arrangements, Bel is not interested in anyone's casual curiosity on these subjects, but also has no body shame, so those who use the common shower area on Nomo Deck may catch an eyeful now and then.