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Rec Room

The wardroom, or rec room, is a place to connect.

[community profile] thisavrou IC Inbox

[A sharp, ambiguous face appears on the directory screen; the voice is a curt, ironic alto.]

You've reached Bel Thorne. Leave me a vidcall or message here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

[note: Bel is in cryo from May 9 to May 23, and messages received during that span will be answered after it.]

Please state the nature of the communication (video, audio, text, etc) in the subject line. Non-electronic communications can be directed to Bel's quarters (Nomo Deck, room #005), or left in Bel's shipboard mailbox. If responding to a Spacebook post, please indicate which one.
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[ bel isn't the only one revising positions after that sleepover. ]

You're joking. I got slapped with Waste Disposal on arrival and they didn't give me so much as a training manual. Metabee gets assigned to mold removal and he gets a plasma rifle? Unbelievable.

Oh, good, we've had a shortage of stunners here. It's nice to have something nonlethal for a change.

What? Did you get your own plasma rifle? Because if so, I'm pulling rank on you.

[ his moira rank, of course. naturally. not that ranks mean much here... ]
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[ so much revising

the mental picture that springs to mind is totally unbidden, and miles quashes it down hastily. he has, regrettably, little trouble picturing bel in a sarong, although he's never seen them in anything but uniforms and, well, varying states of undress. miles rubs a hand over his mouth as if to banish that thought before he types out his response. ]

Ha. I'd say "you're joking" again, but I try to avoid repeating myself. Well, I suppose it's nice to have a touch of home, eh? We got three kegs of maple mead and a bunch of groats, but no good old Barrayaran fashion. [ he hesitates before adding this next bit. ] Although I did receive my Dendarii dress uniform a little while back.

Er -- what style of sarong, by the way?

[ if it's one of those topless ones there might...be a problem. but bel wouldn't really send him a picture of themself in a topless sarong, would they? they're not on beta colony, after all. then again, bel can be a little unpredictable. ]
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[ okay see that's the mental picture he was trying to avoid. ordinarily he doesn't have this problem! funny what huddling for warmth with your half-naked captain for a night can do to the imagination. miles bites his knuckles against a choked sound and chases that thought away too, glad that no one's heard that. ]

I wouldn't recommend it, with this crowd. I think you'd get a, uh, mixed reception. And please, Bel, I know that. I was asking about the color.

[ he totally was not. ]

Well, they're all the ingredients for a Barrayaran wedding, which I suppose counts as an arcane ritual by your standards. Well, the groats, anyway. It's just cereal grains. They're kind of a fixture on Barrayar. But I suppose you wouldn't have ever had maple mead, then, being Betan. Maybe I ought to fix that for you.

And it'd have to be a very private costume party, at that, although I think I've taken enough shade about my Dendarii uniform being a costume from my Barrayaran superiors, thanks. Can't afford to blow security on that one, anyway. Although I haven't worn it since before I got here.

[ he can't afford to blow security on his own identity, mostly because he's not sure how well his identity would handle it. and having bel around makes him miss that uniform more acutely than usual. bel's a constant reminder of the other half of himself, the part he keeps hidden away. it's tempting, to slip back into it, even if it's just him and bel. he does so miss admiral naismith. ]
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Oh, very nice. I'm sure it'll be very flattering on you.

[ he means it as a neutral compliment, although he's not sure bel will take it as such. at least, via text, bel can't hear the nervous "uhh" in his mind. but the idea of ivan getting hitched makes him snort out loud. ]

Ha. I think my Aunt Alys would go into fits if Ivan got married and she wasn't around to see it -- then again, maybe she'd be relieved. But no, if anyone's getting married on this ship, it's not Ivan. Maple mead is more specific to Vorkosigan's District, though. If you come by the bar later, I'll show you why.

[ hillfolk is why, bel. ]

And if I play things right, they never will. This isn't the place for Admiral Naismith, Bel, the shame though it is.

[ but in so many ways, it is the place for admiral naismith. stranded on a ship in another dimension entirely, navigating unknown planets to an unknown destination, life-threatening danger and mind-boggling new experiences around every corner? it's got admiral naismith written all over it. ]
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[ of course he'll see you home after, bel, he's a perfect gentleman. mostly.

this whole horseshit train with lieutenant lord vorkosigan vs admiral naismith is really starting to give him a headache. he's starting to feel like a man being pulled in two directions. admiral naismith has always been a temptation, but lately, it's becoming an urgent one. all the more so for the fact that it'd be so much more useful to have that to draw on.

but he can't be both. he knows he can't be both. if he can't keep them straight -- if he can't separate them when all of this is over -- he'll lose everything. ]

No, Bel, Naismith is exactly what this ship doesn't need. This isn't an interminable blockade in the middle of a stalemate. There's no war, no extraction, no personnel exchanges. This is a civilian ship on a straight course. It doesn't need a mutiny, no grand takeover. It needs a cohesive command structure, I'll give you that -- but Naismith is a mercenary commander. He'd only throw the whole place into chaos.

[ he's not even sure he believes that, but he has to. it's the only way this'll work.

naismith can be more than that, murmurs a voice in his mind. naismith can be anything he wants. ]
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Bel, if you think this is slavery, what do you call what I did in Tau Verde? There's a difference between conscription and slavery, and they wouldn't stop us if we wanted to stay on any planet we stop at. It's just that that isn't the ideal course of action for anyone who wants to get home. We're stuck here like you were stuck with me back during that blockade. We have been in bad situations, don't get me wrong, but this isn't this ship's mission.

[ like, say, that time miles got kidnapped by aliens looking for a blood sacrifice, or the absolute shitshow that was caducus primary... ]

Much better, since last week. Would you believe I can actually feel my toes now? Morale's warming up, too. I think we'll be filling more seats in the bar this week.
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The captains want to get home just as badly as we do, Bel, and they aren't pulling us here on purpose. The damn thing is broken. I might not like the way they're running the ship, and I might not be thrilled about the situation, but we're all in the same boat, here, figuratively as well as literally. And if we're all stuck on a ship with a skeleton crew, we all might as well pitch in. Sitting around not contributing sure as hell isn't going to get us there any faster.

I know how it sounds, Bel, but don't mistake my cooperation for complacency. I'm doing everything I can to learn the details of the situation. I just don't see any real alternative that'll get us where we want to go any faster, not just yet, and the captains are pretty lax with their discipline. Part of the problem, actually, I think.

Whenever you want to come down, I'll be around. I owe Jacky a few makeup shifts, anyway -- she pulls double duty too, and she had to man the bar herself while I was in the morgue. I'll keep the maple mead on tap for you.

[ he grins to himself in the dark. oh, that'll be fun to watch. ]