seeingscarlet: (twins; if the sky comes falling down)
Wanda Maximoff ([personal profile] seeingscarlet) wrote in [personal profile] hellsbel 2016-01-17 11:38 pm (UTC)


[She's well past that point, Bel. In those five minutes, Wanda's thrown on shoes and a shawl and headed out into the hallways in nothing else but her pajamas. at least practicality isn't an issue if she has to fight something

They won't get a response. Instead, she makes a beeline for the medbay, slipping into the room as soon as they'll let her.]

Bel... [She doesn't ask if they're all right or if it hurts - she already knows. Instead, Wanda simply slips her hand into theirs and squeezes, relief that is wasn't worse evident.]

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