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Library. He’s got no reason to think I’d be here and he’s sure as hell not going to come in for some light reading. [Jango never had been one for books. And even if he did decide to pay a visit, Zam’s positioned herself on the second floor where she has a clear view of the entrance, and the quiet of the place ensures anyone would have a difficult time sneaking up on her. It’s still not an ideal hiding place, but at least remaining on the ship means she’ll be able to depend on her blaster if it comes down to it -- she’s not about to get into a firefight on a hydrogen-atmosphere gas planet.]

Two human male Jedi. [Seeing as most people here haven’t even heard of the Force, Zam doubts that word has any meaning here.] Members of a religious order turned Republic heavies. If they haven’t changed into uniforms yet, they’ll be in brown robes. [Her tone grows wry despite the circumstances.] I wasn’t able to get on a first-name basis with either of them.

The politician they were protecting came through as well. Human woman by the name of Amidala. If you’re going to talk to anyone, talk to her. Maybe ask what she was doing before she came through the Ingress -- find out if Jango finished the job after he… disposed of me. [And would that just be the best joke? That Zam should die with, or perhaps even in place of the woman she’d been assigned to kill? Sounds like something straight out of a Mabari sermon. She shakes her head in disgust.]

I wouldn’t try striking up conversation with the Jedi if I were you. They have… abilities. Ways of getting inside people’s heads. There’s a good chance they’d learn more from you than you would from them.

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