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Captain Bel Thorne ([personal profile] hellsbel) wrote 2016-03-04 10:32 pm (UTC)

video; private

[deeply ironic face. yes, it is indeed Ingress Day; they've spent all morning waiting for the screams.] Tell me about it, they're all over the ship--

[but her explanation makes the dour expression drop right off. plenty of mercenaries don't talk about their pasts -- as one of them, it's Bel's habit not to press for personal details that haven't been volunteered. Zam? Zam had died. little is more personal. that she's opening up about it at all shows how serious this is.]

Got it. Damn -- where are you? [silver-and-blue? hasn't seen one of those so far, and Tailgate had already been on board so it couldn't be him. scrolling through the ship's map as they speak -- too many unfamiliar entries, but nothing looking like a Jango.

doesn't respond in kind to her tone at the end there, either -- a sign of how serious this is to Bel, too. the bounty hunter would have to go through Bel to get to Zam if it came to that, but this is a tactical situation and going by Zam's intel is just good common sense.]

I don't see his name. Who are the others? [small grim smile] Is there anything I should innocently ask them if I run into them?

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