warandpeace: (I wιll collecт yoυ αɴd cαpтυre yoυ)
McDonell Benedict "Kazuhira (和平)" Miller ([personal profile] warandpeace) wrote in [personal profile] hellsbel 2016-02-02 10:21 pm (UTC)

It would be the same way on our base. [Unless the Boss took a fit of pity on the person. Quiet got away with entirely more shit than she should have. But... well, he'll try not to be bitter over that. That's a good thing about being away from home.]

He just said he'd interpreted the other man as a threat and that's why he was attacked. I asked him if he should seek treatment for his wounds, and then he refused. Then he asked about consequences.

Talks less than even some people I know. But that's what I gathered. I'll go ask.

Thanks for the help.

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