Nov. 14th, 2015


Nov. 14th, 2015 12:35 am
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Rows of examining tables faced by neatly labeled drawers packed with medication and equipment. In the next room, a portable cryochamber gleams on its float pallet, charged and ready to receive an occupant.

Orientation and Anatomy )
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A series of holds, tracked by number, containing both ship's supplies and cargo in transit. Pallets and canisters are fastened securely to bulkheads, to prevent shifting while in flight, and individual loading hatches allow quick provisioning and a speedy exit.


(Visuals to be added.)

Bel's playlist.

Simon and Garfunkle -- The Sound of Silence (1964)
[Bel leaving Beta]

Alex Boye' & Changing Lanes -- Shake It Off
[Bel pre-TWA]

Vienna Teng -- Hope On Fire
[The mercenary officer reacted instantly, turning the accidental collision into a tackle.]

The Glitch Mob -- I Need My Memory Back
["Orders, sir?"]

Nat King Cole -- I Get Sentimental Over Nothing
[tears streaming down cheeks]

X Ambassadors -- Shining
["Hello, Pandora, the gods have brought you a gift."]

The XX -- Angels
["Are you willing to put it all on the line for me, Bel?"]

David Bowie -- Let's Dance
["I could book a room for two....."]

Awolnation -- Wake Up
["....So many are."]

Billy Joel -- The Longest Time

Muse -- Starlight
["due to an overwhelming curiosity to see what happens next"]

David Bowie -- Wild Is The Wind
[good luck to them both]

Lin Manuel Miranda -- Wait For It
["Aren't you playing this one a little close to your chest, sir?"]

Vienna Teng -- White Light
["Who's Ivan?"]

Olivia Olsen -- Everything Stays
[another two years of keeping the secret]

Fiona Apple -- Hot Knife
[that quote when Elli isn't on the mission]

Adele -- Chasing Pavements
["I swear I'll train you to be more adventurous someday."]

The Glitch Mob -- Our Demons
["Did any of the clones ever escape?"]

Disturbed -- The Sound of Silence
["Who is betrayed? Do you have. A. Better. Idea."]

David Bowie -- I Can't Give Everything Away
[the arc of blood]

Adele -- Skyfall
[the search for Miles]

Florence and the Machine -- Breath of Life
["And besides -- I would have known."]

Poets of the Fall -- Rewind
Soundgarden -- Black Hole Sun
Pomplamoose -- Achin' Heart
Daft Punk -- Face to Face