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Nav and Comm

A broad viewscreen takes up most of one wall; the communications officer sits up alertly from her station to one side, and in the back, the jump pilot relaxes beneath the heavily wired helmet, trancelike, at one with the ship. Front and center, an empty chair.


Nav and Comm (here; HMD/Links)

Briefing Room (Permissions post)

Armory (Game status; item list)

Corridors (About Beta Colony)

Medbay (Anatomy/Orientation)

Brig (Note on Terminology)

Tactical Room ([community profile] thisavrou app)

Rec Room ([community profile] thisavrou IC inbox)

Shuttle Bay (Activity tracking)

Engineering (Plot-with-me post)

Cargo Holds (Visuals/soundtrack; under construction)

Captain's Cabin (PSLs)

OOC contact/HMD

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